FYI- Its Maggi

Are you among those who are obsessed about maggi? Or you are not amongst them?

Whatever maybe be the condition, you must visit here! and witness how a household product maggi can be transformed into innovative and delicious manner!

This place is named – FYI its Maggi, situated at Bunglow Road, Delhi. Its just by the lane of Adidas showroom.

It is a maggi lounge, a place to chill,  spend time with your friends and treat your taste buds with something as great as ‘maggi’! FYI has given a whole new way of thinking about maggi, it has added a new flavor to it!

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I always wanted my maggi to be cheesy, and I got it here! 😀 I was literally drooling over the food as it arrived! One can choose from various options available on the menu. But you will also notice the exciting names given to the dishes. All the dishes are named after generally used slangs by youngsters, like- BRB, HNK, LOL and so on…

The food is available for as low as Rs 25 to highest Rs 65. One thing that you cannot miss about here is the presence of college students ( thanks to its close proximity to DU’s KMC).

So the next time you get that maggi craving, you must go to this place, and do justice to your craving! 🙂

Also, see the menu picture. Enjoy!

A place for your soul: Indian Coffee House

Life needs not to be on an accelerator always!

Sometimes living life slowly is good. Its gives you time to think.

In this preoccupied and busy life, I made a stop at Indian Coffee House, second floor, at Baba Kharag Singh Marg, Connaught Place, Delhi.

There is something about this place. Different and very calm air blows here. There is a little easiness and comfort always here.

Lately, I have started coming here very often. The regular people and waiters know me now!

It does not have an extended or fancy menu and the food is not very much to the standards of many fast food chains available. But you can any day – any time stop here for little snacks and coffee.

The best thing here is that you can sit here as long as you wish. No one bothers or disturbs!

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An amazing contrasting view can be witnessed here. Right in front of me is a bid peepal tree. On my left is a combination of some old and new buildings. The cool breeze also brings the honking of car horns below.

Waiters here are very hardworking and generous. They greet you with warmth and right now I can also see one of them offering leftover Biriyani to birds.

On most days you can find monkeys playing on the peepal tree and squirrels running around the open space!

Like I said, there is something about this place which accepts everyone. I can see a group of aged people on a table, laughing and cracking jokes; a group of office goers discussing some project; some young college students probably discussing their ‘fest’.

There may be no fancy menu, decorative table or chairs, but this place is surely a place to be! This is a place for finding some peace for your soul in this busy city!