Why me?

A very warm greetings to the people living in the 21st century, located in India’s capital city, Delhi!

A city which has the VIPs, VVIPs and god knows how many Vs…???

A city of power, where so much security is provided to the “important” that the commons are forgotten!

A city where maybe thousands are employed to provide protection, but still a girl cannot go out of her house without fear!

Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Road just behind my house

My mom was cooking some delicacy and found some ingredients missing, she asked me to bring it from the nearby grocery store. Following her instructions, of course it’s just the evening time and I do not have to travel far, so it seems really simple.

I went out, just on the way back home, mind it it’s a busy road, just behind my house; I have walked that path zillion times!

Two guys on a motorcycle crossed me and threw something on my back, surprised, and a little shocked I looked up and abused them about driving in a proper way! Then my eyes fell on the thing that they threw on me, this bought me more into a state of embarrassment mixed with anger.

It was a packet of condoms!

That very moment I wanted to hold those rascals’ collar and give them a tight slap each, but the only problem- they were gone!

Since people can point out about me being dressed inappropriately, so to clear the doubt, I was wearing a plain kurta and salwar, covering me properly!

This is a very common culture in the life of a girl, incidents of eve teasing happen just every day, in places expected like buses, metro, road and even in the places unexpected!

Some report these and as a result they have to face a bigger amount of trouble in going in and out of the police stations at odd times!

A friend once reported a drunken guy passing lewd comments to her, to the police, our so-called “Women helpline”, to our surprise the attitude of the officers was somewhat like this while registering the complaint- “Madam ko cheed diya hai, gussa ho gai!” (Madam has been teased and she is angry).

Standing there in the police station with my friend, I sensed that an eve-teasing matter holds no relevance to them!
Since we had enough proof, so the police traced the vehicle, for which I appreciate their efforts. But then another issue in hand was the identity disclosure, when a guy can tease a girl in broad day light, he can also create troubles for her if he comes to know her whereabouts. Of course, the big chunks of male ego, “How could a girl complain about me?”

The only way to avoid the identity disclosure was to ask the accused for an apology, in written and we had to except it otherwise the case will go to court and which clearly means inviting trouble!

The only question in my mind while writing this is, why can’t I roam around freely wherever I want, at any time of the day?

What is my crime, that I have to go through such kind of harassment? A man can never understand that feeling of being touched forcefully without your consent, of hearing a lewd comment about yourself, that helplessness when someone is stalking you, that anger when you want to protest but you do not to avoid a bad scene!

Is it my fault being a girl?

Most girls do not even mention these incidents to their family because that will create a stress in the members. (Girls are already a burden in India!)

Why can’t our society grow up and in each case not put the blame of protection of the girl on the girl itself? We can teach our sons to respect women, to behave properly with girls.

Maybe then a girl in can go out of her house with this comfort that she will be safe till the time she is back in her house. Maybe then our society will be just, and safe for all!

Women: Ultimate Multi-tasker

The mere mention of a women brings out this general picture- she is beautiful, she is the driving force of the house, she is a mother, a lover, respects the elders, etc other things which your mind knows best.

It is very evident and clear that women are born multi- taskers, and this concept of ‘multi-tasking’ is their baby.

Our mythology speaks in volume about this phenomenon.
The Gods  or the Dev are all “Chatur- bhujji“, ( chatur- four, bhujja- hands) this means with four hands. This is symbol of power and superiority.

On the other hand, the Goddess is “Ashta- bhujji“, ( ashta- eight, bhujja- hands) this clearly indicates that Goddesses are more powerful and functional than Gods.

Women have always been the multi- tasker, and still are!

The fight is not of who is more powerful, or any men v/s women equality issue. The point here is that women are no less than males.

This fact of multi tasking can also be proved by science.

It is proven that females use both, right and left hemisphere of their brains; whereas males use only one side of their brains.

This ability lets women attempt and concentrate on more works at one time!

Women can enjoy the tag of being the “Ultimate Multi-taskers”, since there is nothing we can help about, as pop star, Lady Gaga says, “I Was Born This Way!

Women and Chocolate

98.9% people between ages 18-25 like chocolates!

64.3% people think that women are more inclined towards chocolates as compared to men!

Anshika, 19, rushes over to the near store to buy chocolates just after she had her break up!

Chocolates are loved by all. Someone said, “What is the meaning of life? All evidence to date suggests it’s chocolate.” But in case of a women, they adore chocolates more than anything!

Women have an unexplainable love with chocolates. This is explained more by this scientific fact.

The main chemical released to give you the elated physical feelings of being in love is PEA (phenylethylamine) which is related to amphetamines and is found in chocolate.

This is one of the chemicals that makes your heart race, hands swear, pupils dilate and gives you ‘butterflies’ in the stomach. Adrenalin is also released, speeding up your heart, making you alert and helping you feel great.

When asked do they like chocolates some responded, “Like? I have an affair with them…” Infact chocolate is the evergreen gift for women! So men, impress your girl with some chocolates this evening.

Crazy for Chocolates

These are some of the reactions of women when asked, “How they feel after having chocolate?”

  • Like I am in love
  • Good always
  • Satisfied
  • I feel wet lips and fingertips
  • Soothing and happy
  • I feel completely turn on for anything.
  • I get high. I wonder why do people need smoke and alcohol when you have chocolates, they also come with a bonus of sweetness!
  • It would be a little unjustified to try and express that feeling in words. My senses feel like shouting out- ‘yummmmmmmmmmmmmm’

Chocolates is a very unbiased thing, it not only favors women but gives “eureka moments” to men too.

And as my friend says, “Forget love – I’d rather fall in chocolate!”

Please note: The results and comments in this post are according to my independent research and survey.

Women Intuition kills

Nidhi’s friends are suspecting something unusual about her behavior, though she greeted everyone in the group in the same usual manner!

After a few, “no I am fine” and “It’s nothing”, finally she spilled the beans. Now she is in tears, “I don’t feel that it’s going to work between me and Raj. Suddenly I don’t get the right ‘vibes’. I love him, but don’t know what to do…”

This is a conversation of a regular girl gang. (I can also be killed by my friend for publishing this!)

At this point I realized the importance of these ‘gut feelings’ in a women’s life. Believe me 80% of the times when men say, “I don’t understand her point”, “I don’t know why she is doing it” etc. Men, you can blame it to ‘women intuition’!

Women in thought(s)

Women are equipped with far more finely tuned sensory skills than men. What is commonly called ‘women intuition’ is mostly a women’s acute ability to notice small details and changes in the appearance or behavior of the others. This is one of the reasons why women can read between the lines of what people say.

Women have superior sensitivity in differentiating tone changes in voice volume and pitch. This enables them to hear emotional changes in children and adults. Maybe this explains the most commonly heard statements of women, while arguing with men, “Don’t use that tone with me” or “lower down your tone”.

For centuries women were burned at the stake for possessing ‘super natural powers’! These included the ability to predict outcomes of relationships, spot liars, talk to animals and uncover the truth.

This gut feeling at times gets so overpowering that women are bound to ride the way, their intuition takes them. Its “killing” sometimes when inside you keep getting this that  any particular thing is not going to last long, and practically you cannot find any valid reason!

But surprisingly the intuition is proven right!

So all the women out there learn to listen and follow your intuition and men you must learn ways to use your lady’s ‘special powers’!

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The first meet

It’s said, first impression is the last impression, and it’s actually true. Some percent of attraction begins with the first meet.

It is my observation that when a person meets someone who does not treat him/her, the same way, they are treated by everyone else; they get curious.

And curiosity, my friend is the main culprit! Curiosity in an animal makes it, human.

Coming back to the topic, that little curiosity gives birth to this feeling of “why”. The person (the one treated differently), then wants to know that particular person more. This marks the beginning of a love story.

A polite meet

As my cousin brother recalls, “I meet this sweet junior girl in my college, who among the whole junior batch, just refused to call me ‘sir’, I felt like knowing more about her and she is my girlfriend since past 4 years”. My friend, also remembers the first time she meet her boyfriend, whom she is about to marry, ” I meet him through a common friend, and in a very jokingly I insulted him. Next time my friend called, to inform me that he intended to meet me again…”

Somewhere I think, that the filmy style love story, of first fighting and slowly the feeling turning to more than friends; might be true in real life also.

We think differently!

Last week my brother and his girlfriend broke up. He was very much into her.
And the reasons were the most popular  ones –

  • You don’t understand me…
  • You have changed !

The reason why such situations arise in relationships is the lack of understanding and patience.
Men and women are like two sides of the same coin. When two people start living together, they share their lives. Somewhere in that sharing process, we forget respecting the opposite sex. Its very important to do that.

Men and women think differently, and this fact needs to be respected and given space to.
A thing which a woman might not approve of, a man might adore it. Example of this can range from dirty smelly socks to untidy hairs and also from endless bitching to unreasonable shopping. When exposed to a given condition, men and women, react in different ways.

Suppose a couple is standing in front of Victoria’s Secret outlet. The female will have shopping in her mind hitting the first. But at the same time, men will not think about shopping for sure. Their thoughts may wander to the topic of sex or something which will make a development in their  pants !

Men and women are different creatures but at the same time, they cannot live apart.