Foggy winter morning

As the sun shines bright and mighty,
Signalling the winters are over, I see
Tiny flowers blooming,
I feel the green leaves,
thier tenderness, gives me
a thought

The prolonged winter is ending in my heart too!


Fresh green leaves

Away from home…

My home has always been the place for me where I find myself again and again. It defines me, it determines how I am! A house becomes a home when you have your loved ones in it, they contribute towards a place called home.
There have been people around me who have been living away from their respective homes. I have been observing them for a while now.
I can get their emotions, their love, their longing, their subtle ways of staying connected. They have their reasons of not staying close to home, majorly study and job.
This is a small attempt to express how they might be feeling.

इस शेहर की हर गली, हर कोने में ढूँढती है निगाहे,
कही घर सा मंजर दिख जाए किसी बहाने|

आकर यहाँ थम गए है
काम में भी रम गए है
पाव भी कुछ जम गए है,
कामयाबी का नशा भी चढ़ रहा है
दूरियों का दर्द भी बढ़ रहा है,
नींद में भी याद आजाते है अक्सर,
माँ की गोद के सिरहाने

वो गालीया, वो चोबारे,
माँ की गोद के सिरहाने|


Sitarro tum to soo jao,
Yeh raat hum par bhari hai.

Kal ke intezaar mein,
Humari aankhen hee kafi hai.

Chaand ki bahoon mein baithe hue,
Nigahein subha hone par tikki hai.

Kal jo hona hai wo aapne aap mein hee kafi hai,
Bas itna kahungi ki
Manzilen abhi aur bhi baki hai.

Searching for the right path

The Apology

I was checking my mails when suddenly something shook me. I could not believe my eyes about what I saw. I received the most unexpected E-mail of my life. The sender’s name made me nostalgic.

Some years back, I got badly ditched by a friend. Whom I considered very close, and thought I knew well. The incident made me hard to trust anyone. Due to that friend, the word ‘friend’ lost its meaning in my life. It took me time to get that trust in friendship restored, thanks to some friends who really stood by me. Gradually I understood that it was just another hurdle of life and got over it. But this event did teach me a lesson.

When you realize your mistake, only then you can understand what ordeals the other person went through. Trust me one starts feeling guilty and feels ashamed, as one realizes what he/she did! I know it’s very hard to apologies. We are humans; we tend to bring our big chunks of egos in between! But when that realization gets so huge and unbearable, one decides to face it. It takes courage to apologize and even more strength to forgive!



When I received that apology, at first it shook me, and then it made me angry, I was not understanding whether I should believe it or not!  That E-mail pained me and after few days, I went through it again.

I replied back and the moment I wrote “Apologies accepted”, a kind of warmth went through me. I felt light, my anger was gone and I found myself smiling.

Remember, we all stumble; apologizing does not make you small. Also, forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.

Some apologies really do matter.

Now if you excuse me, I got some apology(s) to do!

What a stupid person I am?

What a fool I am?

Sometimes I act so stupid, that afterward I feel like redoing it, all over again…

I guess the same must have happen with you as well, at some point of life!

The Repenting Afterwards

After a particular incident, when you think about it. Various actions cross your mind and you say, “I should have said that or done that… “And so on our mind produces many post action thoughts.

You regret it even more if that particular situation cannot be repeated again.

You feel sad, angry over what you said and curse yourself for not handling the situation well.

It’s true that, ‘that’ particular time will not come back. But what positive you can think about it is that you learn a lesson.

As the famous quote goes, “History repeats itself“, and who knows you are in the same situation again. Put those ‘post action thoughts’ at use during that time. After all, practice makes one perfect. And doing dumb things has never caused any harm.

Life is the process of moving on and constant change.

In the end I would say, “I am proud to be myself, and everybody should be. No matter how dumb one behaves at times”

The Unconditional Love

A child learns about love from his/ her parents. He / she see the mother and father caring and loving each other.

Parents set an example in the child’s mind about what love is and how to sustain your loved ones. Parents show how to laugh and cry with another person; and to give and accept what you get.

I am a very lucky person to get so loving and caring parents that sometimes I envy myself. My parents are so into each other that they are a perfect example of loving unconditionally.

Their story is molded by destiny. It was love at first sight for my dad when he first saw my mother’s photograph, with the wife of his friend. The wife of the friend happened to be my mom’s friend. And so it progressed and my mom and dad got married on 20th January 1988.

On the occasion of their 23rd marriage anniversary my mother remarked, “Sometimes it seems like yesterday when I got married. And sometimes, I feel so old.  But one thing that keeps me so enthusiastic is the love that we both share.”

I just loved the way they both looked at each other and smiled, before cutting their anniversary cake.

Pointing to us (my brother and me), mom and dad said, “I love you two, the receipts of our marriage.”

I hope they both stay in love forever.

P.S. – While I am writing this post, I can hear my mom singing a romantic song for my dad.

I am done with you…

Chocolates aren’t sweet any more

Flowers have lost their color,

Broken pieces in my hand

It’s like I am walking in sand,

I thought you mine

But now, its fine

Because I am done with you.

I see no light

I don’t want to fight,

Wanted you near

now I have a tear,

With this ongoing pain

I will go insane.

Everyone tells me to be strong

But I think – what went wrong?

I loved your smile

the distance now is a mile,

I want to live a life that’s new

Because I am done with you.

Hearts floating in troubles