He Was…

He would come to the class wearing a formal shirt and shorts…

He would sleep in the lectures nonstop…

He would attempt the wrong exam, without even realizing…

He would smile and say, “Chill maar yaar, kuch nhi hota” if he saw anyone sad!

He would joke around just to see a smile on his friend’s face…

He would narrate his humorous stories to everyone with charm…

He would speak Hindi in his Malyalum accent…

He would make beautiful caricatures…

He would make the most uptight people, frank…

He would hug everyone and greet them in his trademark funny way…

He was the happy-go-lucky guy, everyone was fond of…

He was a friend of friend and would make enemies forget their anger…

It’s hard to use past tense for him. This post is for the friend of mine who passed away some time back.

I cannot forget that fateful morning. It came as the news which I never wanted to believe. I prayed again and again that he should be alive; I wish that terrible road accident never happened. But the reality struck its thorns and he was gone with the wind.

He was not such a close friend of mine, but a classmate whom I know, I would have turn to for any sort of help, support, fun…

With tears all his friends, faculty, and all the people who knew him, bid farewell to him. Another trend that was of relevance in all this moment of sadness was, the way people use social media for expressing their sorrow. It again bought tears into my eyes when I saw on my profile, people posting his pictures with them, putting up statuses for him! Thank fully a friend of his, deactivated his social media account, otherwise in the attempt to mark their grief, the tagging culture would have begun!

I did not want to publicize the fact that I miss him, on any such social media. I did not post any picture of him or any emotional status for him… It was just my feelings for life and the void that he has left, compelled me to write about him, on my blog.

Maybe it’s true that god needs good people around him, he took away the happy soul around me! I pray for his soul and wherever he is, he stays happy.

It was his sudden demise that I realized how short life is to be angry, sad, disappointed, depressed! What his always smiling face and attitude taught me is, do not be angry for soo long at people, spread happiness, be cheerful, let people remember you for positive things, forget sorrows, forgive people, help others, say sorry, appreciate people, love your life for what it is;  for life is a small journey!

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.” Says, Mitch Albom, in his book Tuesdays With Morrie. He is probably correct.

Dear, now who will call me “heroine”; get up, roll his hand on his stomach and say, “Bhuuk lagiii”; tell me his drunk stories; ask me about the new hottie in college; curse the stupid projects; ask me to take a chill pill; flirt around just like that; tell me that I need to date; make funny faces; teach me slangs; make fictitious plans…?? I will miss you!

I still wait for you, my tall man, to walk into the class with your persona and spread smiles! I am falling short of words to express what your loss means!


But HE IS alive in the memories!


Why Generation Gap?

Usual tiff between the parents and children are generally blamed on the presence of generation gap.

Generation gap as Wikipedia says,” refers to differences between people of a younger generation and their elders, especially between a child and their parent‘s generation.”

But I wondered on the question – “why a generation gap?”

Here is what I observed.

Younger people are more enthusiastic and hot-blooded, older generation on the other hand is well experienced. The older generations loves the younger ones and tend to stop from the mistakes that maybe they had made once. This is however not very much appreciated by the younger people!

Every generation of parent thinks, “I will not let ‘that’ thing happen with my child.” Think about it, you also might have thought about it at some point of life.

But infact this ‘that’ is just the things which the newly parent was not exposed to or was not permitted.

The thing that we forget here is that with every generation, the level of advancement doubles itself.

For example, while my mother was not allowed to cut her hairs short or attend some dance classes, I had easy access to these ‘facilities’ which became common by the time I was born!

Today’s parent cannot understand that why the guys on their teenage daughter’s Facebook profile, who commented like- hot, looking sexy, dear etc are just normal friends and there is no romance booming up!

These word have become very common today due to gradual use by their parents itself (at their young age)!

Anytime a generation gap can be reduced with little efforts by both sides. Communication and small adjustments can any day contribute to peace between families!

But as the generation changes a gap will always remain!

The Apology

I was checking my mails when suddenly something shook me. I could not believe my eyes about what I saw. I received the most unexpected E-mail of my life. The sender’s name made me nostalgic.

Some years back, I got badly ditched by a friend. Whom I considered very close, and thought I knew well. The incident made me hard to trust anyone. Due to that friend, the word ‘friend’ lost its meaning in my life. It took me time to get that trust in friendship restored, thanks to some friends who really stood by me. Gradually I understood that it was just another hurdle of life and got over it. But this event did teach me a lesson.

When you realize your mistake, only then you can understand what ordeals the other person went through. Trust me one starts feeling guilty and feels ashamed, as one realizes what he/she did! I know it’s very hard to apologies. We are humans; we tend to bring our big chunks of egos in between! But when that realization gets so huge and unbearable, one decides to face it. It takes courage to apologize and even more strength to forgive!



When I received that apology, at first it shook me, and then it made me angry, I was not understanding whether I should believe it or not!  That E-mail pained me and after few days, I went through it again.

I replied back and the moment I wrote “Apologies accepted”, a kind of warmth went through me. I felt light, my anger was gone and I found myself smiling.

Remember, we all stumble; apologizing does not make you small. Also, forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.

Some apologies really do matter.

Now if you excuse me, I got some apology(s) to do!

The Prefect Stranger

A pretty looking- office going girl entered the ladies coach, from the next station and sat beside me. We exchanged smiles. I was engrossed in completing my PR assignment (last date submissions are fun). I was not paying attention even to the fact that she was watching me while I was writing my pages (which actually irritates me).

After a while, she interrupted my writing and she told me that I had written some spelling incorrect. I smiled, corrected my mistake (it was so sweet of her).

The Ladies Coach

It was not expecting an interesting conversation to follow.

She was working in a PR agency in Gurgaon. She shared ‘some’ (as she said) blunders in starting of her job.

Soon my assignment was complete (with the help of her tips). The conversation became interesting with me telling her college stories, she talking about what she does in her boss’ absence.

I realized that my station was near. By that time people around (all ladies, of course) had started thinking that we were best of best friends!

I got down at Malviya Nagar metro station and waved her goodbye as I entered the elevator.

I just can never forget about this conversation of mine, which took place with a complete stranger. Yes, it was the best stranger talk I have ever heard of. I don’t even know what her name was. But I will keep looking for her in the metro. Maybe next time when I will board the metro, she will again enter smiling and holding her laptop bag and sit beside me!

Hope to see you again sweet stranger.

The first meet

It’s said, first impression is the last impression, and it’s actually true. Some percent of attraction begins with the first meet.

It is my observation that when a person meets someone who does not treat him/her, the same way, they are treated by everyone else; they get curious.

And curiosity, my friend is the main culprit! Curiosity in an animal makes it, human.

Coming back to the topic, that little curiosity gives birth to this feeling of “why”. The person (the one treated differently), then wants to know that particular person more. This marks the beginning of a love story.

A polite meet

As my cousin brother recalls, “I meet this sweet junior girl in my college, who among the whole junior batch, just refused to call me ‘sir’, I felt like knowing more about her and she is my girlfriend since past 4 years”. My friend, also remembers the first time she meet her boyfriend, whom she is about to marry, ” I meet him through a common friend, and in a very jokingly I insulted him. Next time my friend called, to inform me that he intended to meet me again…”

Somewhere I think, that the filmy style love story, of first fighting and slowly the feeling turning to more than friends; might be true in real life also.

We think differently!

Last week my brother and his girlfriend broke up. He was very much into her.
And the reasons were the most popular  ones –

  • You don’t understand me…
  • You have changed !

The reason why such situations arise in relationships is the lack of understanding and patience.
Men and women are like two sides of the same coin. When two people start living together, they share their lives. Somewhere in that sharing process, we forget respecting the opposite sex. Its very important to do that.

Men and women think differently, and this fact needs to be respected and given space to.
A thing which a woman might not approve of, a man might adore it. Example of this can range from dirty smelly socks to untidy hairs and also from endless bitching to unreasonable shopping. When exposed to a given condition, men and women, react in different ways.

Suppose a couple is standing in front of Victoria’s Secret outlet. The female will have shopping in her mind hitting the first. But at the same time, men will not think about shopping for sure. Their thoughts may wander to the topic of sex or something which will make a development in their  pants !

Men and women are different creatures but at the same time, they cannot live apart.