I am never typed: Anant Mahadevan

A prominent media personality Anant Mahadevan, actor and director of Hindi films and television serials, with a movie like- Red alert: The war within, which was based on a true story. He has been associated with movies like- Dil Vil Pyar Vyar, Aksar, Dil Mange More etc. He talks about the actors, the challenges, Indian audience and his upcoming movie.

Anant Mahadevan

The movie Red Alert was appreciated internationally. What did you expect from the Indian audiences?

I think Indian audiences have started being exposed to global cinema. And Red Alert was based on a real life story; it is a human story in any environment. According to me, a film has to be honest to be successful. It was my first step towards speaking a global language. At Stuttgart Film Festival, when the movie was screened, there was pin-drop silence throughout the movie. A German source has given 5 star rating to the movie as well.

What was going on in your mind when you approached Sameera Reddy for a non-glamorous role?

I am never typed and always believe in breaking an image. Not even while casting Sameera but I enjoyed casting all the actors. If you see there is a mixture of actors in the movie. There are actors from theatre, actors from Bollywood, actors from south and actors who will be appearing on screen after a long time.

Red Alert

What challenges you had to face while making the movie?

It is so far my most difficult film. Right from the time of pre-production, to shooting and the release. Everything about the movie is different and difficult. It took nine months in the whole making of the movie and 40 days of shooting. But I am married to my work and have done the work according to my satisfaction.

What’s about you receiving National Award and what is next in line?

I received National Award for a Marathi film which is also based on a real story, titled, “Mee Sindhutai Sapkal”. The movie is based on a 60 year old lady named Sindhutai Sapkal, who picks up abandoned kids and brings them up. The story is not about her but it is an incredible story of survival. I got the award in 2010 for Best Screenplay and Dialogues for this successful Marathi movie with Sanjay Pawar. Currently I am working on Gaur hari dastan.

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