Women: Ultimate Multi-tasker

The mere mention of a women brings out this general picture- she is beautiful, she is the driving force of the house, she is a mother, a lover, respects the elders, etc other things which your mind knows best.

It is very evident and clear that women are born multi- taskers, and this concept of ‘multi-tasking’ is their baby.

Our mythology speaks in volume about this phenomenon.
The Gods  or the Dev are all “Chatur- bhujji“, ( chatur- four, bhujja- hands) this means with four hands. This is symbol of power and superiority.

On the other hand, the Goddess is “Ashta- bhujji“, ( ashta- eight, bhujja- hands) this clearly indicates that Goddesses are more powerful and functional than Gods.

Women have always been the multi- tasker, and still are!

The fight is not of who is more powerful, or any men v/s women equality issue. The point here is that women are no less than males.

This fact of multi tasking can also be proved by science.

It is proven that females use both, right and left hemisphere of their brains; whereas males use only one side of their brains.

This ability lets women attempt and concentrate on more works at one time!

Women can enjoy the tag of being the “Ultimate Multi-taskers”, since there is nothing we can help about, as pop star, Lady Gaga says, “I Was Born This Way!

One thought on “Women: Ultimate Multi-tasker

  1. I never thought of it that way, well put!


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