Happy Birthday – my dear blog!

It seems like just yesterday that I typed “www.wordpress.com“ in the address bar and created my blog account, and today my blog is a year old.

It has now become a habit to check my blog account on a daily basis. I have started jotting down my thoughts, views, ideas, hopes, anger, happiness (I hope you got the point) practically everything on my blog.

Happy Birthday Blog!

The things that I wanted to say and what I felt, now has a way to be expressed. WordPress has been grateful to me by allowing so many ways to share my posts!

The ways in which I can modify my blog’s looks, totally satisfies my creative hunger and strive to make an impactful first impression!

I feel so motivated and encouraged whenever someone leaves a comment on my posts, be it negative! I feel, at least someone read my post and now knows what I feel!

When I published my first blog post on 22nd August 2011, I didn’t have a clue about blogging. Now it has become such a great experience for me, I can say that I have grown, learnt, understood through blog!

I have gone so habitual of updating happenings on my blog that once I was excitedly trying to tell my friend about some latest incident, she told me to stop and said, “if it’s that interesting, I would love to read it on your blog”, I was flattered by this compliment!

I must not forget to give thanks to my cousin brother who told me (read it ‘forced’) to start my blog! Thank you so much brother! 🙂

This blog has also been able to land few job opportunities in my hands, for which I feel really good, because now I just say, refer to my blog! 😉

Today after 2,308 views I feel proud when in a group I say that yes I have a blog, I am a blogger.

I wish, hope, and promise to come up with more interesting blog posts in the times to come.


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday – my dear blog!

  1. All the best Sis, I m sure you would go a long way !!!

    Happy Blog birthday 🙂


  2. happy to ur Blog..:) wish to join the league soon 😉
    keep writing… :*


  3. Hi, this is a great posting i do think. i actually appreciate on hand i need to learn more aobut this post. Thanks. 🙂


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