Lyrics mein twist

Gone are the days when the references in the songs were moon, sun, silk, flowers etc etc, natural things.

Refer to these-

Chudhvi ka chaand ho… (Listen full)

Chand mera dil, chandani ho tum… (Listen full)

Suraj hua madham… (Listen full)

There used to be a beautiful rhythm in these, but times have definitely changed.

With the latest emerging trends, the newest symbols are- Sheila and Munni.

Salman Khan’s latest flick ‘Ready’ saw the use of these “new symbols” in his song- Character dheela.

“…Fark padta hai kya baahon mein
Munni hai ya sheela hai
Ishak ke namm pe karte
sabhi ab raas leela hai…”

Also the upcoming movie- ‘Bin Bulaye Baraati’, will see Mallika Sherawat shaking a leg on a song, claiming her being better than our beloved ‘Sheila ‘ and ‘Munni’!

“…Munni bhi mani aur Sheela bhi maani
Shalu ke thumke ki duniya deewani…”

If this trend continues to be prevailing, your ears might have to bear torture like this-

Sheila ki jawani ki kasam, mein tujhse pyar karta hun,

Munni ki badnaami ki kasam, mein tumpe maarta hun… (This one sounds really bad right? Guess what, I know! ;))

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