Our fashion and films- the never ending bond

Haven’t you ever longed to get the haircut of your favorite movie star? Or haven’t you desired to wear the same clothes that your favorite star had worn?

The answer is yes. We at some point do try to follow films, whether you accept this or not. In our normal lives, when we see the larger than life movies, fascination does follow. People tend to incorporate some parts of those movies, into their lives. Our movies in some way appeal to us, we can easily relate to whatever is happening on the big screen, to our lives. The first step in this regard happens to be the follow up of the fashion trends that they set. Maybe because that is the easiest thing we can do. Of course, common people like us, cannot go and fight with twelve people to impress a pretty girl.

This phenomenon has been in fashion since the starting of bollywood. Right from Sadhna cut, Babita’s tight churidar kurtas and dog collars to John Abraham’s hairstyles, Deepika’s kurtis and Abhishek’s stubble. Kareena‘s patiala salwar and long tee look in Jab We Met became a rage among college going girls!

John Abrahim's different styles

The link or the bond between fashion and films has been strong. Apparel industries also rely on films to promote and popularize fashion trends. These trends do not concentrate at only one part of the society but they touch each corner of the society. They effect the wants of the people.

Sadhna Cut Hairstyle

After the release of Jodha Akbar, all the brides-to-be wanted the same jewellery and clothes that Ashwariya had worn in the movie. College going girls and boys’ wardrobe underwent changes after the release of films like Kuch kuch hota hai and Jane tu ya jane na. Dressing of corporate sector got inspired by the movie Corporate. Middle aged people wanted to put on the same clothes showcased in Baghban. I am sure that after seeing Amitabh Bachchan in those tattered clothes, ruffled hair and smudged face in bhootnath, Indian ghosts might be following him. Not only in garments, but these movies inspired trends can also be seen in haircuts, accessories, nail shapes, specs, watches makeup and don’t know what else.

Aishwariya's look in Jodha Akbar

The sari designers also play and earn their living, saris are named after blockbuster movies and these saris also become famous. The barbers earn their humble living by giving their customers the emulating haircuts of their favorite film stars. Guys burn their calories to get John’s butt or Salman’s biceps or Shahrukh’s six pack abs. So you see, these fashion trends also serve as the source of income for many.

These trends also change very often, just like Oscar Wilde has said- “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”

Sometimes the trends are not deliberate but happen accidentally. In the movie Deewar, when Amitabh Bachan’s costumes arrived, it was realized that the shirt was longer, so he tied it from the lower end to his waist, which in turn become hot style during that time.

In this time when the film stars are worshipped and followed, there are many who do not believe in following trends. For them comfort and self thinking comes first. There are some who don’t care, while some just create their own definition of what is fashionable and what’s not.  It is solely depends upon one’s thinking. It’s about how one is – hero worshipper or own styler!

One thought on “Our fashion and films- the never ending bond

  1. I agree, I like it, probably in the future it will grow more intense…


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