What a stupid person I am?

What a fool I am?

Sometimes I act so stupid, that afterward I feel like redoing it, all over again…

I guess the same must have happen with you as well, at some point of life!

The Repenting Afterwards

After a particular incident, when you think about it. Various actions cross your mind and you say, “I should have said that or done that… “And so on our mind produces many post action thoughts.

You regret it even more if that particular situation cannot be repeated again.

You feel sad, angry over what you said and curse yourself for not handling the situation well.

It’s true that, ‘that’ particular time will not come back. But what positive you can think about it is that you learn a lesson.

As the famous quote goes, “History repeats itself“, and who knows you are in the same situation again. Put those ‘post action thoughts’ at use during that time. After all, practice makes one perfect. And doing dumb things has never caused any harm.

Life is the process of moving on and constant change.

In the end I would say, “I am proud to be myself, and everybody should be. No matter how dumb one behaves at times”

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