The Prefect Stranger

A pretty looking- office going girl entered the ladies coach, from the next station and sat beside me. We exchanged smiles. I was engrossed in completing my PR assignment (last date submissions are fun). I was not paying attention even to the fact that she was watching me while I was writing my pages (which actually irritates me).

After a while, she interrupted my writing and she told me that I had written some spelling incorrect. I smiled, corrected my mistake (it was so sweet of her).

The Ladies Coach

It was not expecting an interesting conversation to follow.

She was working in a PR agency in Gurgaon. She shared ‘some’ (as she said) blunders in starting of her job.

Soon my assignment was complete (with the help of her tips). The conversation became interesting with me telling her college stories, she talking about what she does in her boss’ absence.

I realized that my station was near. By that time people around (all ladies, of course) had started thinking that we were best of best friends!

I got down at Malviya Nagar metro station and waved her goodbye as I entered the elevator.

I just can never forget about this conversation of mine, which took place with a complete stranger. Yes, it was the best stranger talk I have ever heard of. I don’t even know what her name was. But I will keep looking for her in the metro. Maybe next time when I will board the metro, she will again enter smiling and holding her laptop bag and sit beside me!

Hope to see you again sweet stranger.

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