Words don’t lie!

Recently I came across this advertisement of erasable markers and I became nostalgic remembering a friend of mine, who loved playing with words.

As in this video, the word “change” is taken in a different manner. The boss meant ‘change’ as in becoming different or better; but the staff members interpreted in altogether a different manner.

Once while chatting online with my friend I told him, “I am looking for an excuse for not going to an event”, to this he asked, “Excuse me! But ‘excuse’ of what type?”
I told him that my ‘sole’ motive of going to college was… and he would interrupt me by asking that I meant ‘sole’ of the shoe or by the ‘only’ meaning!
He would jokingly confuse “Bash”, as in that of birthday bash, and with a bash like beating!

Its funny how a word can have different meanings!

He got a taste of his own medicine on a fine day when he was telling me about his qualifications, he said, “My ‘first degree’ was in mass communication…” to this I asked him whether he meant first degree of beating.
He laughed and praised my reply and still continues to Play with the words!

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