Permanent Sathiya!

A very important feature of advertising is relativeness. With our vast existing culture, advertisers go back to mythology for impressive and impactful ideas. Just like this one, has been inspired from the epic tale of Mahabharata Satyavan and Savitri. Which can be regarded as – ‘The Triumph of Love Over Death’.

Princess Savitri, fell in love with a son of a king living in exile, Satyavan. She learns from a seer that Satyavan is doomed to die exactly one year from that day, a curse of which he is unaware. With a heavy heart the king marries off her daughter to the forest.

After a year in the morning of Satyavan’s predicted death, Savitri accompanies her husband into the forest. Towards noon Satyavan felt a little tired, and after a while he came and lay down resting his head in Savitri‘s lap. Then Yama, the god of death appeared to take Satyavan‘s life and soul. Savitri followed Yama or Yamraj, she offered successive formulas of wisdom while Yama tried to convince her to turn back. Impressed by her determination, Yamaraj granted her a boon but not the life of Satyavan. Cleverly, Savitri asked for hundred sons and Yama had to give in! Even the God of Death had to relent, and bowed to her love and devotion.

This advertisement evokes the same emotions of devotion of an Indian lady towards her husband and with such rural touch, this one strikes the right strings!

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