Surviving without mobile

This is in fond memory of my old phone which I lost days back. I will miss you Spice QT-55!

I found myself updating my Facebook and Twitter accounts informing that I have lost my phone, just moments after I gave up hope to find my misplaced mobile back.
In our fast paced life, sometimes we get used to things and realize their importance when they are gone. That day, after losing my blackberry look-alike, Spice QT-55 mobile phone, I felt incomplete. I didn’t get any calls from my mother enquiring about my arrival time; no messages from friends forwarding silly jokes; I didn’t play any game or listen to music while traveling my way back home.

R. I. P.

I twice confirmed with the network operator about the arrival of my SIM! I became restless. I have gone so used to and addicted of being in contact. No doubt, I have realized the value of a phone in my life.
With so many sweet and sour memories attached with that phone, it was hard to believe that it is no more with me. Though it had started giving trouble, the screen was broken, used to get hanged and etc. still it was compromising with me!
Next day when my SIM arrived, I borrowed a handset from friend and again got connected (read it addicted!).
While I surf around different cell phone websites, somewhere I do miss my old mobile.

In today’s time, one can survive without eating or drinking water, but cannot live without a mobile! And scientists and doctors say, “Mobile is bad for health”.
Do hell with them!

2 thoughts on “Surviving without mobile

  1. dont worry sis i’ll buy you a new phone…………. original blacberry this time


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