Our Republic nation

26th January 2010, India celebrated its 61nd Republic day. At 9 am, national channel of the country proudly telecasted the parade from the Raj path.
But if you seriously think about our ‘being republic’ and review what it now actually means to us, it will amaze you.
We aspire for this day just for the sake of getting a holiday. Also, we sometimes pray that 26th January does not fall on an existing holiday!
Just think about it, what kind of a republic country are we if in broad daylight at a roadside eatery at Manmad in Maharashtra’s Nashik district an additional district collector is burnt alive by a local oil mafia! The officer’s fault was only this that he was trying to sincerely do his job.
In our so called ‘democratic’ country, cases like that of Jessica Lall had to wait for more than 8 years to get justice. The law makers are the law breakers, yesterday I saw a policeman riding a motor bike, without a helmet! (Whereas it is one of the traffic rules)
Republic Day parade
How will our country develop when the hard earned money of the common man is kept safe by some minister into his/her Swiss bank account!
I pray to lord for a day when India would actually justify itself for being a republic country. A day when there will be a feeling of love and brotherhood in each heart and hatred is left far away.

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