The Unconditional Love

A child learns about love from his/ her parents. He / she see the mother and father caring and loving each other.

Parents set an example in the child’s mind about what love is and how to sustain your loved ones. Parents show how to laugh and cry with another person; and to give and accept what you get.

I am a very lucky person to get so loving and caring parents that sometimes I envy myself. My parents are so into each other that they are a perfect example of loving unconditionally.

Their story is molded by destiny. It was love at first sight for my dad when he first saw my mother’s photograph, with the wife of his friend. The wife of the friend happened to be my mom’s friend. And so it progressed and my mom and dad got married on 20th January 1988.

On the occasion of their 23rd marriage anniversary my mother remarked, “Sometimes it seems like yesterday when I got married. And sometimes, I feel so old.  But one thing that keeps me so enthusiastic is the love that we both share.”

I just loved the way they both looked at each other and smiled, before cutting their anniversary cake.

Pointing to us (my brother and me), mom and dad said, “I love you two, the receipts of our marriage.”

I hope they both stay in love forever.

P.S. – While I am writing this post, I can hear my mom singing a romantic song for my dad.

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