Darling, Yeh Hai India!

Yesterday evening, I met Rita Abraham in the Lohri celebrations of IHC (Indian Habitat Center).  She is a motivational speaker and the founder and president of the South African Women’s Forte, is an executive member of Gopio South Africa.

In that chilly Delhi winter late evening she wanted to warm herself with some red wine. My college went to bring her the drink.

The Indian habit of ‘Jugaad‘ got reflected in the way, red wine was presented to her. It was hilarious.

Since not much things off the programme menu were allowed, the poor red wine had its fate, to be poured down into a disposable plastic glass!

Disposable glass

The moment Rita saw it she was amazed and laughingly said, ” See what India has done to me. I am so fond of glasses, and never imagined I will have my drink in a disposable cutlery”

To this, we all had a great laugh and said, “Darling, yeh hai India!”

For a while, Rita kept on admiring her drink, cheered and had it with a smile.

2 thoughts on “Darling, Yeh Hai India!

  1. lol…I gave a huge lecture to Yasmin on what ‘jugaad’ means and how it is a part of everything Indians do..will forward this one to her as an example..cheers


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