The first meet

It’s said, first impression is the last impression, and it’s actually true. Some percent of attraction begins with the first meet.

It is my observation that when a person meets someone who does not treat him/her, the same way, they are treated by everyone else; they get curious.

And curiosity, my friend is the main culprit! Curiosity in an animal makes it, human.

Coming back to the topic, that little curiosity gives birth to this feeling of “why”. The person (the one treated differently), then wants to know that particular person more. This marks the beginning of a love story.

A polite meet

As my cousin brother recalls, “I meet this sweet junior girl in my college, who among the whole junior batch, just refused to call me ‘sir’, I felt like knowing more about her and she is my girlfriend since past 4 years”. My friend, also remembers the first time she meet her boyfriend, whom she is about to marry, ” I meet him through a common friend, and in a very jokingly I insulted him. Next time my friend called, to inform me that he intended to meet me again…”

Somewhere I think, that the filmy style love story, of first fighting and slowly the feeling turning to more than friends; might be true in real life also.

2 thoughts on “The first meet

  1. Ask ur mom dad about their love story …and trust me it is even more Filmy !!!!


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