We think differently!

Last week my brother and his girlfriend broke up. He was very much into her.
And the reasons were the most popular  ones –

  • You don’t understand me…
  • You have changed !

The reason why such situations arise in relationships is the lack of understanding and patience.
Men and women are like two sides of the same coin. When two people start living together, they share their lives. Somewhere in that sharing process, we forget respecting the opposite sex. Its very important to do that.

Men and women think differently, and this fact needs to be respected and given space to.
A thing which a woman might not approve of, a man might adore it. Example of this can range from dirty smelly socks to untidy hairs and also from endless bitching to unreasonable shopping. When exposed to a given condition, men and women, react in different ways.

Suppose a couple is standing in front of Victoria’s Secret outlet. The female will have shopping in her mind hitting the first. But at the same time, men will not think about shopping for sure. Their thoughts may wander to the topic of sex or something which will make a development in their  pants !

Men and women are different creatures but at the same time, they cannot live apart.

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