Is honour killing logical?

Is it a crime to love? Is choosing a life partner on your own an offense so intense that you could even loose your life?

It made headlines when in the states of Haryana, Punjab and others parents killed their kids just for the reason that they bought dishonour to the family. It brings a chill in the spine to even think that any parent, who brings their child in this world, brings them up with so much of love and care, can actually end their lives with their own hands.

Marriage is not a child's play

But from where did this concept come from? Is their any logic behind it?

Our community is divided into gotras or say clan and two people from the same clan are not allowed to marry. The logic behind such a rule is actually scientific. It is believed that two people from the same clan are with the same genetic code, and marrying in the same gotra creates genetic problem for their offspring. This concept was logical and practical when our community had just begun to shape up. But now, when our population has rose up to 1.15 billion, and there have been so many inter-caste and inter-religion marriages now the gene pool has grown so big that even in same gotra marriages the chances of having genetic problem in the next generation is almost impossible. Hence, this concept has lost its actual relevance.

Alas! Our people, who oppose same gotra marriage, are taking it as an offense against their religion. They have forgotten the logic behind the concept, and following that rule without even releasing that the thinking needs a revision and update. It is now on us to spread awareness and change such old and irrelevant societal norms.

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