Theory Of Evolution And Hindu Mythology

How life did come into existence? How has human race evolved?

These questions have been a topic of research for many years for a score of scientists. And finally, they settled on the ‘Theory of evolution’. According to this theory, life on earth began in the form of aquatic life and gradually evolved. Interestingly, this same theory can be seen in our mythology which confirms this theory in the ten incarnations of God, called ‘Dashavataras’. Let’s take a look.

Science believes that life started from water in the form of fishes. The first avatar or incarnation of god happened in the form of a fish which is known as MATSYAVATAR.

Life then became amphibian and so the next was KURMAAVATAR or the tortoise which can survive on both water and land.

Now life had to become more earth oriented and so the next incarnation was VARAHAAVATAR or in the form of a Pig (it was four-legged).

Then NARSINGH incarnation was half animal and half human which clearly indicate the progress.

Scientists believe that men were midgets. The findings of Neanderthal caves also confirm this fact. As J.R.R. Tolkins has immortalized ‘hobbits’ in his famous book ‘The lord of the rings’. Likewise the VAMANAVATR was a dwarf.

The Dashavatars of Lord Vishnu

Next came PARSHURAM who was physically well developed but very angry and aggressive. He carried a ‘parshu’ which literally means ‘an axe’, just like science suggests, he was early man who learned to make and use weapons.

The RAMA and KRISHNA incarnations were fully developed, well cultured, knew what was right and wrong and practiced their philosophies. But both had to resort to violence in order to punish the evil and restore peace.

The need of that time was someone who would propagate love, non-violence, and co-existence. So came BUDDHA to spread the message of peace, to live and let live.

The last KALKI is yet to be born, and one can well imagine that he might be someone possessing the high-tech knowledge and weaponry.

So, in this way our mythology confirms to the principles of science or we can say that science confirms our mythology.

6 thoughts on “Theory Of Evolution And Hindu Mythology

  1. Thank you… its actually logical… 🙂


  2. great job done…………….make it big


  3. vase to dis ol goes ovr my head…bt realy itz lukin interstin…nyc wrk dudette..!


  4. interesting facts … keep it up Nitika


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