Blended Indian Culture

Right from the entry of Aryans in our country, India has accepted new forms, objects, ideas, styles, languages, art, literature and various innumerable things with open arms.

When you have access to other cultures the new things start coming to your culture and gradually we except it as our own part. Initially, the idea may seem catalyst but they are accepted slowly but steadily.

With the passing of time, these ‘new concepts’ start appearing very own to us, as if they were the part of our culture since ages.

India has been witnessing, changes in our thinking. Take for example, there was no concept of love marriages in India, but gradually the society has accepted the whole concept. Nuclear families were not a part of our culture, but now it’s the most common thing. The people are even accepting homosexuality; latest is the amendment in the Act 377.

Clearly, here is shown the change in the mentality of the society.

Attached to roots

Earlier, the only way in which, the transformation of culture took place was through traveling. Buddhist teachings were able to reach such a large number of people only by means of traveling and teaching.  With the change in time, written had become one of the important medium for transformation. But, now the scenario has changed, now for exchange of thoughts there are new mediums available, among which includes communication. Today, you can visit and find as many things you like.

So without any doubt I would conclude that, yes our Indian culture is a blended form of other cultures. But talking as a whole, only Indian culture is not a blended form, the change has also touched the other cultures in the world.

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